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Michel’s Restaurant Townsville, QLD

01 - Welcome

We are expert chefs with considerable experience. We combine all these to ensure that our customers leave feeling refreshed and better when they leave our restaurant. Located in Palmer Street, Townsville, Queensland, we have become a force to reckon with in the area. We welcome you to come to join us today as we provide you with the best experience when it comes to dining and eating.


At Michel’s Restaurant, our goal is to provide you with the best dish that will leave you satisfied and convinced that you just had the best meal of your life. To achieve this, we have considered a wide range of options to produce the best menu. Our menu is a culmination of hours of research and exploration. So, you can be sure you’ll get something for yourself when you browse through our menu.

05 - Our Philosophy

Wine List

Getting the best experience of any restaurant will most likely include getting the best wine option. At Michel’s Restaurant, we are very conscious of this. This is why we take our wine offers very seriously. We offer an assortment of wines that will leave every wine lover satisfied. All you just need to do is have a taste of our impressive options.


Do you have an event or function coming up? Do you want to give it a touch of excellence? Do you want everything to go smoothly and ensure that you get the very best experience? Do you want a flexible yet comprehensive package tight can cater to your needs and that of your guest during the event? Then, we are the ones for you. We can help you with the whole process.
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Do you need a caterer for a wide range of events? Then, we can help you with your needs. We are experienced caterers when it comes to providing support for events. Over the years, we have delivered on cocktail parties, white parties, themed events, seminars, banquet and product launches. We have handled these various clients successfully and delivered without hassle. You can trust us to do the same for you.

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