Every couple wants their wedding to be unique and memorable. Coming up with new and exciting wedding food ideas can be a task and a half. Your wedding reception does not have to follow the usual formal three course sit down meal. Your guests may enjoy something a little more unusual. Let’s throw around some alternative catering styles and then discuss the more traditional.


Finger food does not mean party pies and sausage rolls, unless that it your preference. Canapes can rival the fanciest sit-down meal. This style of service can be a very cost-effective way to host your wedding and of course it is extremely social. Guests will get to try an assortment of dishes, compared to just the one choice with a traditionally catered wedding. Many couples worry that a canape style event will not provide enough food for their guests. On the contrary, finger food can be very filling and your guests will be satisfied. Ask your caterer to start with delicate light canapes and then finish with more substantial options. And of course, don’t forget about the sweets. On the negative, side seating is limited, so make sure you think about your older guests. 

Grazing Table

This style of wedding has shot to popularity. It is such a visual experience; grazing tables look amazing and give your wedding something special. This style of service suits cocktail style weddings and is a great way to allow your guests to interact with each other. It is also a great way to feed your guests more cost effectively.


This style of service is super popular now and is a modern version of the humble buffet. It is all about the food and a relaxed fun wedding. The festival style of wedding works best outdoors and consists of a variety of food stations for guests to experience. It’s about eating and drinking what the bride and groom would normally like to eat if they were out eating and drinking with their friends. That could be a burger station, Risotto station, teppanyaki bar or woodfired pizzas.

Just because we know we have alternative options to the traditional sit-down dinner and buffet style wedding does not mean we must rule those options out.

The three-course plated sit-down traditional wedding meal has many positives. Guests are all served at the same time, which gives you the opportunity to stay on track with your timetable and have everyone’s attention through speeches. It is also an easy was to identify and serve guests with different dietary requirements. If you have elderly guests they are guaranteed a seat. However, there are some negatives: it can be the most expensive option because this style of service requires more staff. Your guests also have limited food choices, as alternative drop is the usual method of serving.

Buffet style of service is all about flexibility. You can offer a great range of food options for your guests and they get to choose what and how much they like to eat. Buffet is also another easy way to cater for guests dietary requirements. You won’t need extra staff as they will be serving themselves and It can also get very social at the the buffet. Buffet style does require the caterer to provide a lot more food than your standard sit down meal and this can cause additional expense. It is a mistake to think that a buffet is your cheapest alternative. 

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