People living with celiac disease can feel more confident dining out or attending functions due to better tasting gluten free options becoming available.

When hiring a caterer for an event, you want to feel secure they will deal with every aspect of the food service. The caterer’s goal is to ensure that the process is as easy as possible and this includes serving gluten free options. People with gluten and wheat intolerances need to feel confident that no cross contamination has occurred during the preparation, presentation and service of food. 

Simply removing croutons from the top of a salad and serving to a person with coeliac disease can cause a severe reaction and produce symptoms that can last for days or weeks. For food service professionals, it is about learning the process of how to produce safe gluten free food. It is also about educating staff to take food allergies seriously and to proactively prevent the wrong food being served to the wrong person. 

Changing a menu to suit gluten free diners is not a hard process. At Catering by Michel’s, as well as at the restaurant, we prepare real, whole foods that are already free of ingredients that may contain gluten. We have adapted recipes to ensure our sauces and salad dressings are free of gluten. Some people may not realise that many common sauces such as soy sauce, worcestershire and even vinegar are made with wheat based stabilisers and are not suitable for people with gluten intolerances. All our sauces used in the restaurant are made in-house and are gluten free. 

When catering off site we have colour coded cutting boards, knives and utensils that are dedicated to solely making gluten free options on request if needed. From the beginning of an event or dining experience we want our gluten free diners to feel confident we can keep them safe. This happens through proper communication with our clients and proper training of our staff. 

In the restaurant we have many gluten free menu items or menu items that can be made gluten free. Check our menu for options, or just ask. See you soon for some safe gluten free dining.