What's in a Burgundy

What's in a Burgundy

Is it a wine? A region in France? Both?

Well done if you said both. Burgundy is a region in France that produces wines that are considered to be the best in the world. That is also why they are some of the most expensive in the world. 

There are two types of Burgundy – red and white. Red Burgundy is madeusing 100% Pinot Noir grapes and white Burgundy is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Could it be any simpler than that? So now we know what the wine is made from, let’s talk about where it comes from.

Burgundy is widely regarded as the region which has the best land in the world for producing pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. More than any other wine region, Burgundy is heavily influenced by its terroir (sense of place). The quality of the land is so important to the final product that inside the Burgundy region, vineyards are classified by four levels:

1. Grand Cru The Best, top 2%
2. Premier Cru Nearly the best, top 12%
3. Village wines
Burgundies produced from several vineyards in the 1 village of the Burgundy region. 36%
4. Regional Wines
Burgundies produced from a combination of vineyards and from a variety of villages. 50%

That all sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

That’s the end of the simplicity. When it comes to classifying French wine, especially Burgundy, it can get very complicated. Here at Michels, one of our favourite BurgundiesJoseph Drouhin Cote de Beaune 2012, has just made an entrance onto the wine list.  A lovely red Burgundy, aged in French oak with delicate, fruity aromas and a touch of spice. This wine is made from grapes sourced from premier cru vineyards in the sub region of Beaune, but is not classified as premier cru and cannot be confused with village wines.

So where does this wine sit?  At Michel’s, we say that it doesn’t really matter. Even at the regional level Burgundy wines are highly regarded because they are from one of the best wine regions in the world and are worth enjoying no matter where it sits within French classification. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay can thank Burgundy for making them famous. Come into Michel’s and enjoy this wine paired with one of our new menu items:

Duo of Venison – Seared Venison Steak, Venison rosemary pie, celeriac gratin, juniper glazed pear, pancetta & white balsamic Brussels sprouts, mustard sauce.

New Wine List and Menu started this July.

A Night in Vegas

OH what a night! 

Entertainment by Attori was incredible.  To have such talent right here in Townsville is a real treat for locals.  Craig created a mouth watering American style menu with items such as  - Southern BBQ Pork Belly, Boston Clam chowder, mojo spiced spatchcock, wood smoked eye fillet and Grilled sword fish.  Dessert was a Baked cherry and baby apple pie.

I cant wait for our next event which will be A Night in Italy in early November !

Happy Easter everyone.



Welcome to 2016 at Michels restaurant and welcome to the 1st edition of our weekly blog.  Restaurant life is very interesting and at times can be extremely challenging. The food and beverage industry is constantly changing, you have to be on top of your game.  The Michels team is always looking out for innovative ideas  whether they are food, or beverage related.  Its not about trends but more about the direction the industry is heading.  Our goal with the blog is to let you know what is happening behind the pass, behind the bar and behind the Michels team.   We will be talking all things food, wine and events.

Let's get up to speed

Almost a year ago to the day a change of ownership sparked a string of changes to bring Michels a whole new look & vibe.  When the opportunity came up to buy into Michels, (I wont say I jumped at the chance) I thought it would be a great direction for me.  Craig my business partner has 25 years industry experience, he has worked here and abroad and is a fantastic teacher/role model for the staff.  My experience spans 25 years and I have worked all over QLD, and have had a  two year stint in Sydney.  Craig and I have worked extremely hard over the past year to bring the restaurant up to what it used to be. We have redirected the restaurant into a modern, on trend venue that's drawing a younger crowd and bringing all the favourites back.

The next instalment

Next week I will let you know how our Night in Vegas night transpired!  Until then bon appeitit!